The impacts of advances in innovative technologies (artificial intelligence, sensors, mechanical systems, software, etc.) on humans and robots have become obvious. Among the emerging issues is the interaction between robots and humans. Initially, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has been mainly invested in service robotics. However, recently, the modern industry is developing rapidly, and requiring the integration of different interaction aspects, both physical and social. These two fields of robotics (service robotics and industrial robotics) can converge to some extent and share very similar issues. Accordingly, they may follow similar problem-solving methods. In service robotics, robots are integrated entirely inside the humans environment. Conversely, the flexibility of modern factories allows introducing humans in manufacturing environments. Additionally, humans and robots have distinguished roles in the environment. Indeed, the human is a helper in the context of industrial robotics, acting as assistant and instructor; whereas, the robot takes the role of a helper in the context of service robotics (guide, teacher, nurse, etc.). However, in both cases, the robotic systems should be able to make adequate decisions regarding heterogeneous entities present in the environment. The robots should take attention to the presence of human operators. The behaviors of the robotic system should be safe, uncertainties taken in charge, and instructions of human operators followed, where human operator should be integrated in the decision-making loop. Further, the integration of advanced technologies and software into industrial systems, and the growing HRI, challenge the way of some features related to service robotics (safety, communication, cognition, etc.) are currently conceptualized in such fields.

The 1st edition of "The International Workshop on Human-Robot Interaction: New Trends in Service and Industry (HRI-SI2018)" was presented in "The IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN2018)", held in Nanjing (China). It was dedicated to propose a state-of-the-art related to HRI to find a synergy between both entities in different contexts.

The 2nd edition of the HRI-SI Workshop (HRI-SI2022) will be held in hybrid form at The 31st IEEE RO-MAN2022 in Naples (Italy) in August 29th, 2022. This edition is a continuity and an up-to-date relatively to the future of HRI in both research fields. The attendees of the workshop were the organizers, the speakers and some conference participants who were interested on the topics of the workshop.

The workshop aims at discussing the state-of-the-art and new ideas about similarities between industrial and service robotics in terms of issues and dedicated solutions. The purpose of the workshop consists also of identifying some specific particularities of service robotics in HRI and scaling the approaches to industrial robotics. In addition, concepts inspired by service robotics scalable to industry are welcome.